Best Foundation For Dry skin!

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Best Foundation For Dry skin

There are generally two types of foundations available in the markets , funds powder foundation and liquid foundation . However, the best foundation for dry skin is the liquid ( fluid ) or cream foundation . Although some powder foundations are some positive effects on moisturizing dry skin, but it is preferable to use liquid foundation if your skin type is dry, such as liquid foundations are primarily designed for dry skin .

Meanwhile, it is wise to choose your foundation keeping your skin type in mind. And for dry skin , liquid foundation is what you should choose. The moisturizing property of liquid foundation helps dry skin look healthy and hydrated , while the foundation powder suck moisture from your face.

Here are 5 of the most popular and effective best foundation for dry skin.

Laura Mercier Crème Smooth Foundation

It has become popular for people with dry skin to its performance on dry skin. Although it seems heavy in the pot, but it becomes lighter and hydrated as it is applied to the face . In addition , he built a radiant and smooth finish that hides your wrinkles and fine lines. You can find a wide range of colors suitable for different skins . It never looks the traps moisture in the skin by not allowing makeup to draw moisture from the skin and dry . The most adorable feature Laura Mercier is the ease of construction and the application.

Mac Mineralize Satin Foundation
This fluid foundation is suitable for all skin types . It contains vitamin A, C and E which helps to improve the skin condition . It is easy to apply with fingers or a brush is . It also works well as a sunscreen because it contains a value (SPF can protect a blazing sun ) 15. It leaves a bright satin finish that instantly improves skin tone . It makes the skin radiant , healthy and energetic.


The most impressive feature of Revlon ColorStay is its comfort and lightness. You feel like you 're not wearing makeup with it. Revlon ColorStay is available for dry and oily skin. " Revelon Colorstay for normal / dry" is completely formulated for dry skin type only. The formula of the moisture balance gives your look fresh and flawless for 24 hours. In addition, this creamy solution is oil-free . It can be used to implement medium to full coverage with SPF 15.

best foundation for dry skin.

This liquid foundation smear is often preferred by celebrities while waling on the red carpet . The matte finish of the Chanel Mat Lumiere gives a natural and photographic appearance. This is why celebrities prefer the stage. Its characteristic long makes you cool in search of more than 12 hours. It is oil-free so great for dry skin. The foundation for dry skin is available in a wide range of shades.


This is specially formulated for dry skin with built in moisturizer with a thicker texture. The dewy glow gives you a look humidification and fresh for 12 hours or more. The ultra light and creamy blend of Clinic Foundation circulates inside the skin and improves the moisture content of the skin giving it a look dew. The skin becomes radiant and smooth and lasts all day.

Our skin changes over time . So, what looks good today may not suit your skin a few days later . This is why it is wise to change your foundation with changes. Choose the best foundation for dry skin to keep your skin healthy, In this 
case, the best products of the brand are a better choice than local.

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