Best Liquid Foundation

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If you are looking for the best liquid foundation that suits your skin type and skin tone, then you are at right place. This article shows you some of the liquid foundations that make your box a perfect vanity.

Foundation is an integral part of every make up kit. It acts as a base for your makeup ideas. Apart from this, the foundation also helps to improve your skin tone by hiding the not so perfect areas of your face. Foundation is available in various forms such as liquid, semi-liquid aka foam, spray, powder, cream, etc. In all the above forms of foundation, liquid foundation is a favorite among professional makeup artists.
Best Liquid Foundation
Best Liquid Foundation

The demand for the best liquid foundation is increasing day by day as a liquid foundation is fast catching up with the fashionistas. The liquid foundation gives you a beautiful natural look. It helps you to cover dark spots, dark circles, acne, pimples and other blemishes on the face and makes the skin tone even. Everything you need to apply liquid foundation is the brush. Otherwise, you can do it with a piece of sponge or your fingers. The base layer protects your skin against sunburn and other external climatic changes that may affect the quality of your skin. But before thinking about the purchase of a foundation, you should know how to choose the perfect base.

How to choose the liquid foundation?

Choosing the right liquid foundation is important to get the best foundation. It is quite an easy task, all you have to do is to consider the following things.

  1. Skin type: You must purchase a foundation that is in tune with your skin type. People with dry skin should go for a liquid foundation that contains extra moisturizer in it. Those who have oily skin should go for liquid foundation only water-based moisturizer with less.
  2. Skin color and tone : You do not want your face and body in different skin tones and that is why you must choose the liquid foundation that exactly matches your skin color and tone. You must pass a patch test to check if the base goes well with your complexion.
  3. Skin problems : You should also check if the liquid foundation has allergic reactions on the skin before you buy. Take small amount of liquid foundation and apply it on the back of your hand and wait 15 minutes. This practice provides care to the skin as well. If it causes no skin irritation, you can buy it.

It is advisable to purchase a small trial pack before investing in a regular bottle. You can also take the help of your stylist to help you buy the most perfect base for your skin liquid foundation and by the look that you aspire to.

Reviews liquid foundation

There are many cosmetic companies that make liquid foundations , but very few of them are effective and affordable. Below are some of the best that are known for their quality and lasting effect liquid bases.
  • NARS Sheer Matte Foundation: This is one of the foundations of liquid for oily skin. It gives a pure natural look by controlling the production of oil from the skin.
  • L'oreal Ideal Balance Balancing Foundation: It is one of the ideal foundation for people with combination skin. It not only absorbs excess oil but also nourishes dry areas on the face.
  • Mac Selected Moisture Blend SPF 15: If you have dry skin then this moisturizer is good for you. Besides moisturizing, it also provides your skin with antioxidant protection that makes your skin appear smooth and supple.
  • Clinique Perfect real Makeup Foundation: This is a good liquid foundation for acne prone skin. It is non-comedogenic , fragrance , and tested against allergies. It is also an ideal base for sensitive and mature skin.

These are just a few of the liquid foundations that are worth trying. You can go to the store of local makeup products and make your choice according to your skin conditions. You can ask your friends or through online reviews on beauty products that will help you select the most appropriate liquid Foundation. Now go ahead and get the essential vanity soon.

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